Why The Wasp Stings

Did you know that only “social” wasps sting?  Most of the 20,000 species of wasps in the world are solitary and solitary wasps do not sting, so the wasps that most humans are more familiar with are social wasps who live in complex communities and that are normally very easy to spot.  Very few social wasps, such as paper wasps, mud daubers, yellow jackets, hornets, and umbrella wasps, create homes near human dwellings.  So why is it that most humans have been stung at some point or another?  This blog will hopefully give you insight into the dreaded wasps and who the wasp stings.

Mosquito Biting Season

Mosquito Biting Season

Nearly everyone knows the awful sensation, the quiet buzz, then the irritating little sting. It means mosquitoes have arrived, and they’ve found whatever skin you’ve left vulnerable. Many people may not know much about mosquitoes except how they wreak havoc on your backyard barbecue or even the short walk to your front door. We will explore how Virginia’s hot and humid weather equals mosquito biting season, so you can be better prepared.

Bring-On-The-Bugs-Holistic-Pest-Solutions Charlottesville

Bring On The Bugs

Warm weather is here and so are the pests it brings.  We are seeing a big increase in insect issues due to our mild winter and wet early Spring.  More termite swarmers, carpenter bees, spiders, wasps, and ants. Even mosquitoes, ticks and fleas are making an early resurgence.  Bring on the bugs, Mother Nature, because Holistic Pest Solutions is ready. 

Mosquito Facts Holistic Pest Solutions

Mosquito Facts

90% of the time, if you’re bitten by a mosquito in Virginia, it will be from an Asian tiger mosquito. Before we tell you how we can help get rid of mosquitoes around your home, Holistic Pest Solutions has even more interesting mosquito facts to share. 

Bumble bee collecting pollen on pink flower

Earth Day Family Fun 

Earth Day is HERE – an annual event to draw attention to the effects of human activity on our planet. It reminds us how important the health of our planet is, and what we can do to preserve it. Here at Holistic Pest Solutions, we are mindful of our clients AND our Earth. As a family, this is a great day to get outdoors and enjoy each other’s company. Here are 11 fun activities for you and your family to do this Earth Day!


Ant Myths Debunked 

With spring here and temperatures rising, ants will start to become a problem mostly in the kitchen and bathrooms where they’ll find food and water readily available.  To help you understand more about how these ants tick, here are some of the most common ant myths debunked.