What Does Holistic Mean?

holisticbackgroundHolistic is derived from Holism, which is a theory or belief emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts. When related to Pest Control, Holistic means that instead of treating your pest(s) directly, we want to know how and why it/they are there. This means we must perform a thorough inspection of your property to identify the contributing factors. Part of the process includes an interview with someone familiar with the structure and some of its history. This might be the homeowner, resident, owner, employee, etc. All of the information gathered allows us to treat the CAUSE, not just the SYMPTOMS of your problem. This provides for you, long term solutions to your problems with the least impact to your environment!

How Is Holistic Pest Solutions Better?

Our primary tool is a flashlight, not chemical sprays!  We inspect your property, inside and out, before any recommendations or applications are made. This inspection provides the information necessary for us to devise a Pest Control strategy that incorporates several NON-CHEMICAL control methods, such as: Sanitation, Exclusion, Cultural, Mechanical, Physical, Botanicals, Biochemicals, Biorationals, Monitoring, Baits, Chemical, and Inorganics. Utilizing these options together as part of a planned approach allows us to obtain better results with less chemistry.

Holistic Pest SolutionsHow Are The Pesticides HPS uses different than other companies?

Every licensed Pest Control company has access to the same materials. It is up to the company to decide what products they will use. At Holistic Pest Solutions, we choose to use the safest and most effective products, regardless of the monetary cost to us. All the materials we use at HPS are 100 percent EPA approved. Unfortunately, a number of companies buy based solely upon the cost of the chemical. As you might guess, the older chemistries are significantly cheaper than most of the newer ones. This allows you to spray more for less. Since HPS opts for a less CHEMISTRY approach, we don’t have to pass our increased chemical costs on to you. This gives you better results for a longer period of time. You win, we win and Mother Nature wins. Only the Pests lose!

Our Environmental Commitment

Holistic Pest Solutions is committed to the preservation of our environment. Our goal is to nurture the soils and plant life of lawns and landscapes.  Utilizing holistic pest control practices that cause the least amount of impact on the environment.