Important Termite Inspections

Termites are a very big problem to home owners. They’re almost invisible, completely quiet and have the potential to cause extensive damage before a homeowner ever recognizes that they have a problem. Termites are active in 49 of the 50 states (Alaska is too cold to sustain them), and cause more than $50 billion in property damage every year. You can imagine that there are a great many benefits to having a termite inspection on the home you are considering purchasing. Termite inspections are extremely important if you’re buying a home or living in one. Let us tell you what the reasons are.

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Love Earth

There are Drywood Termites that can eat your home from the inside out and Subterranean termites that eat your house from the outside in.  Together, they cost US property owners billions of dollars in damage each year.  Eastern Subterranean termites are the most popular here in Central Virginia and they won’t hesitate to make a meal out of your house if you leave it unprotected.


Bugs In The Winter

It’s a known fact that most insects tend to disappear during the winter. The question is, where do bugs in the winter go and can cold weather kill those bugs? More importantly, will the cold weather exterminate them for a more pleasant spring? Here is what Holistic Pest Solutions knows about the winter tendencies of our creepy crawly pests.


Ecofriendly Cold Weather Hacks

As humans populate any area, we tend to mold it to be more comfortable for ourselves. We have lots of food on hand, access to water sources and warm housing. We also create an exorbitant amount of waste. These comforts that we need for our own survival have also created a very hospitable environment for unwanted critters.  Here are the top 4 reasons rodents love Virginia.