Mosquito Control

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Since mosquitoes live and breed outdoors, it is impossible to completely eliminate them from any property; however, there are steps that can be taken to greatly reduce their populations. While it may be tempting to try to treat a mosquito infestation on your own using store-bought products can be ineffective and expose your family and pets to potentially harmful chemicals. Holistic Pest Solutions will treat the root of the infestation with long term solutions designed to keep them from coming back. To reduce mosquito populations on your property, reach out to the mosquito control professionals at Holistic Pest Solutions! 

We will complete an inspection of your property, accurately identify the infestation, and customize a treatment plan specific to your specific needs. 

Holistic Pest Solutions provides pest control services for any kind of pest problem in your home or business. Holistic Pest Solutions serves Charlottesville, Keswick, Ivy, Crozet, Hollymead, Earlysville, Afton, Waynesboro, Fishersville, and Staunton as well as the counties of Albemarle, Fluvanna and Augusta in the State of Virginia.

Q: How can I reduce the number of mosquitos in my yard?

A: Some conditions that should be corrected in order to reduce the attractiveness of your home for breeding or staging include gutters should be clean and free flowing, leaf accumulation should be removed from under decks, shrubs and around the home and the lawn should be cut regularly.
Q: What does Holistic Pest Solutions recommend to combat mosquitos? A:  Mosquitoes that have the greatest effect on us are the ones in our immediate proximity. (Remember, the female will fly to a location and wait!) This is where we can help. We understand the sites and locations where the mosquitoes would most prefer to stage, so we can treat them. With a preventive barrier in place on your property, the female just can’t survive long enough while staged to bite. Thus removing the most imminent mosquito threat to you, the ones on your property! After our treatment, approximately 85% of the mosquitoes that would affect you and yours are eliminated. In addition to the preventive barrier we put in place, we can also incorporate the use of a larvicide when needed. As with most pests, greatest control is obtained when a holistic approach is taken. If a customer follows our guidelines and we do our job properly, you will be able to use and enjoy the outdoors around your home. We believe our treatment program is a much better option than staying indoors or coating yourself and your children with a repellent-type chemical – Don’t you?