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Bees Knees

I think we’ve all heard the phrase, “the bees knees”, but do we know what the heck it means?  Yes, I know this is supposed to be a blog about actual pests and not idioms about their knees, but hey, we all have to have our fun!  Let’s find out what the origin of “the bees knees” is and how it has buzzed it’s way into several different countries over the years.  We might even get into the “cat’s pajamas” while we’re at it!


History of the Mosquito

She’s less than a quarter-inch long, has six legs, and has been a BIG TIME disease spreader thoughout history and world wide. The female mosquito is devious and diabolical, and she uses scent to find us and is attracted by the lactic acid and other ingredients in our perspiration. She also senses the carbon dioxide in our exhalations and follows the slipstream back to our faces. So how did this bug get so far in the world?

Mosquito Season Virginia

Mosquito Season Virginia

We are facing many challenges this Spring, the least of which will be the onslaught of mosquitoes in our yards.  The mild and relatively wet winter that we had here in Virginia has allowed for mosquitoes to have an easier transition into Spring.  Unfortunately, they may be even more of an issue for us this year at a time when we REALLY need to be comfortable at home and in our yards. Mosquito season in Virginia has begun.

Odd Insect

Odd Insect

Here at Holistic Pest we prefer to identify the pest we’re dealing with before taking action so what better way to help you, and us, out than to give information on some of the types of rodents. Virginia has four common rodents that invade homes.

The Trouble With Your Jack O Lantern

The Trouble With Your Jack O Lantern

The season for scary tricks and spooky treats is upon us. Get those decorations ready, make your scarecrows, purchase your candy, and carve those pumpkins! Maybe think twice before the pumpkin carving though. Something really scary could happen if you carve those pumpkins too soon. There are some pests that will be attracted to your…

Mosquito Bites

Mosquito Biting Season Tips

Nearly everyone knows the awful sensation, the quiet buzz, then the irritating little sting. It means mosquitoes have arrived, and they’ve found whatever skin you’ve left vulnerable. Many people may not know much about mosquitoes except how they wreak havoc on your backyard barbecue or even the short walk to your front door. We will…

Three Brown Stink Bugs

When To Treat For Stinkbugs

Soon, stinkbug season will be upon us.  You may have seen them in your house this Spring, but stinkbugs can only be effectively treated (if the goal is to keep them out of your home) in August and September.  If you’re wondering when to treat for stinkbugs, the answer is REALLY SOON and making you…

How To Keep Termites Away From Home

How To Keep Termites Away From Home

Termites can be some of the worst pests out there – causing over a billion dollars in property damage each year.  This damage is difficult to spot and when it is, it isn’t always covered by homeowner’s insurance. Every homeowner should take steps to reduce the risk of attracting termites and other wood-destroying insects.  Holistic Pest Solutions wants to offer you some tips on how to keep termites away from your home so they’re less likely to start eating it!

Outdoor Exposure To Stings

Why The Wasp Stings

Did you know that only “social” wasps sting?  Most of the 20,000 species of wasps in the world are solitary and solitary wasps do not sting, so the wasps that most humans are more familiar with are social wasps who live in complex communities and that are normally very easy to spot.  Very few social wasps, such as paper wasps, mud daubers, yellow jackets, hornets, and umbrella wasps, create homes near human dwellings.  So why is it that most humans have been stung at some point or another?  This blog will hopefully give you insight into the dreaded wasps and who the wasp stings.