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If you have noticed signs of a termite infestation or aren’t currently protected from termites, it’s important to act fast. These destructive pests cause an estimated $5 billion in damages each year – and it doesn’t take them long to chew their way through your home. Rather than allowing termites get the upper hand, trust Holistic Pest Solutions to take care of your home.

Our termite control services are developed specifically with your family and pets in mind. Holistic Pest Control provides domestic pest control services for any kind of pest problem in the Central Virginia (Charlottesville, Augusta County, Louisa County, Fluvanna County, Greene County, Orange County.)

Q:  Can They Really Cause Significant Damage?

A:  YES! Termites are responsible for between $2-3 billion in damage each year in the U.S. alone!! This means that they are accredited with causing more damage each year than storms and damaging more than three times as many homes as fire.

Q:  What Kind of Damage Can They Do?

A:  The termites that are indigenous to our service area of Central Virginia are primarily Subterranean. These termites pose a serious risk to any unprotected structure. The risks include, but are not limited to:

  • Damage to wooden construction materials such as framing, drywall, sub-floors, structural timbers, wood siding, etc.
  • Damage to Electrical and Electronic items due to the mud shelter tubes termites construct
  • Damage to cellulose containing items in the home such as furniture, wall decorations, cabinets, cardboard boxes, paper, etc.
  • The simple nuisance issues they pose, should they swarm within the structure

Q:  Why Should I Worry About Termites?

A: Most people don’t give them a second thought until it is too late (usually after damage is found, after they see a swarm of termites in their home, they feel that basement or slab construction is impervious to termite infestations and some people believe that the treatment that was done when their house was built will last for a lifetime.)

  • They work around the clock, year round
  • They are very nearly everywhere in the U.S. (not in Alaska)
  • The damage is rarely able to simply be seen, since they don’t tend to break through the surface of the wood
  • They utilize pheromones (chemical scents) to notify the rest of the workers in colony where the food source is

Q:  How can HPS protect my home from termites?

A:  Well, after we inspect your property, we can alert you as to any conditions that exist which may be conducive to termites and termite infestation. Additionally, after inspecting the structure we can prescribe a treatment that is specific to your situation, taking into consideration your needs and concerns, the construction type and any environmental conditions that may exist in, under and around the structure to be protected.