Rodent Control

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Mice and rats could really cause a great deal of damage to your home.  Worse, they will use your home as their own personal playground – eating your food, destroying your stuff, and generally going to the bathroom everywhere.

If you suspect that you have one rodent in your house, chances are you have many.  Rodents multiply very rapidly.  In addition to causing significant damage to the structure of your home, rodents also carry a

number of diseases which are spread through bacteria and viruses in their feces that can threaten the health of your family.

Holistic Pest Solutions provides pest control services for any kind of pest problem in your home or business. Holistic Pest Solutions serves Charlottesville, Keswick, Ivy, Crozet, Hollymead, Earlysville, Afton, Waynesboro, Fishersville, and Staunton as well as the counties of Albemarle, Fluvanna and Augusta in the State of Virginia.

Q: Where do rodent infestations start?

A:  Rodent infestation usually starts in the attic, crawl space, or basement. From there, it proceeds until it is large enough to be detected in the main living area. The main reason rodent control fails is because so many people underestimate the size of the infestation.

Q: What process does Holistic Pest Solutions implement to remove rodents?

A:  Holistic Pest Solutions is known for our thorough inspections and identification abilities. This enables us to work on LONG TERM solutions to your rodent issue and prevent it from re-occurring.  Because rodents are territorial and social creatures, it is important that control measures be taken to completely remove them from the home or business. Then, measures should be taken to keep them from getting back into your home.