Flea Control

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A flea infestation in your home is not just a problem for your pets. Fleas are external parasites and, although they normally feed on the blood of animals, they can also feed on the blood of humans.

Fleas don’t have wings, but they have flat bodies and strong legs, which allow them to jump long distances. They travel by jumping from one person or animal to another.

Your home may become infested with fleas if your pet brings these parasites into your house. Fleas are small and can easily hide in upholstery, so you may not be aware of their presence until a large infestation has occurred. 

They also have armored bodies that make them almost impossible to crush, allowing them to thrive in your carpet undetected.

If you think you have a flea infestation in your home, Holistic Pest Solutions has a long-term solution. Our Flea control services are developed specifically with your family and pets in mind. Holistic Pest Solutions serves Charlottesville, Keswick, Ivy, Crozet, Hollymead, Earlysville, Afton, Waynesboro, Fishersville, and Staunton as well as the counties of Albemarle, Fluvanna and Augusta in the State of Virginia.

Q: What kind of pests are fleas?

A: Small insects or ecoparasites that feed on the blood of wildlife, pets, and humans. Though they prefer to rely on your pets as a food source, many will feed on humans when the infestation is heavy or pets are not available.

Q: Are flea bombs effective for eliminating them?

A: Bombs may not penetrate deep enough into carpet fibers where fleas live. The fog settles on tables, chairs, dishes, etc. so owners and family members are exposed to dangerous pesticides and it still may not solve to problem.

Q: Can they transmit diseases?

A:  Fleas can transmit tapeworms to your pets if left untreated.