Ways To Be Eco-Friendly

Here at Holistic Pest Solutions, we are mindful of our clients AND our Earth. We take pride in doing research to find the most Earth friendly solutions to your pest problems rather than just charging in with a bunch of chemicals. There are many ways to be Earth-friendly in your day-to-day. Here are some terrific ways to be eco-friendly.


5 Facts About Hornets

There’s been a good bit of news out there about hornets lately.  Hornets (not the “murder” kind) are definitely an issue in the state of Virginia right now.  Hornets certainly have a bad reputation, but they are so much more than the meanies they are portrayed as being.  Holistic Pest Solutions wants to share 5 facts about hornets that you may not know.

Mosquito Season Virginia

Mosquito Season Virginia

We are facing many challenges this Spring, the least of which will be the onslaught of mosquitoes in our yards.  The mild and relatively wet winter that we had here in Virginia has allowed for mosquitoes to have an easier transition into Spring.  Unfortunately, they may be even more of an issue for us this year at a time when we REALLY need to be comfortable at home and in our yards. Mosquito season in Virginia has begun.

Odd Insect

Odd Insect

Here at Holistic Pest we prefer to identify the pest we’re dealing with before taking action so what better way to help you, and us, out than to give information on some of the types of rodents. Virginia has four common rodents that invade homes.

Can Cold Weather Kill Bugs

It’s a known fact that most insects tend to disappear during the winter. But the
question is where do they go and can cold weather kill those bugs?  More importantly, will the cold weather exterminate them for a more pleasant spring? Here is what we know about the winter tendencies of our six legged friends.