couple Cockroach bug  isolated on white background


Q:  Should I be concerned with roaches in my home?

A:  Cockroaches are an important health-threatening insect. Disease producing bacteria and protozoa are carried by the cockroaches onto utensils, dishes, plates, glasses and even toothbrushes. The principle diseases transmitted by roaches are food poisoning, nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal cramping. Another equally important concern is that roach exterminate and cast skins contribute to asthma and allergic reactions especially in children. These can be quite serious or ever life-threatening. Sanitation measures recommended by Holistic Pest Solutions during and after we treat are critical to success of ridding your environment of these harmful pests.

Q:  What attracts roaches?

A:  Roaches are active at night, so if you see them during the daytime, you probably have an infestation. Roaches like protected areas, such as cracks and crevices, to rest and hide. Although cockroaches prefer starchy foods and meats, they will eat anything of plant or animal origin.

Q:  What strategy does HPS use for roach pests?

A:  Holistic Pest Solutions will provide a thorough inspection to identify the species and construct a treatment plan catered to your particular home. Only the most modern, safe and tested treatments will be used to service your property.