Fall Pests

Control Fall Pests

Believe it or not, fall pests are already starting to make trouble for homeowners in Central Virginia.  Pests are starting to look for a safe, warm place to call home during the colder late fall and winter months. Holistic Pest Solutions is here to provide you with some information about controlling fall pests and how you…

Mosquito-Myths-and-Facts - Holistic Pest Solutions

Mosquito Facts and Myths

What is the most efficient transmitter of disease in the animal kingdom? The female mosquito—no fur, no fangs, just a hypodermic needle with wings. She uses scent to find us, attracted by the lactic acid and other ingredients in our perspiration. She also senses the carbon dioxide in our exhalations. The more you sweat and pant as you shoo her away, the more attractive you become to her. Mosquitoes are BACK, Virginians, and we want to help you decipher the FACTS and the MYTHS about those little ankle-biters.


Why Woodpeckers Peck Wood 

You would assume that since the woodpecker spends most of its time pecking on wood, that it does so for food.  That’s 100% true, BUT the WOOD is not what this bird is hungry for.  Woodpeckers generally feed on insects and larvae that they find within the wood. Lately, you may even be hearing them drum away at something different like metal.  Learn more about why woodpeckers peck wood and metal in our latest blog.


What You Need To Know About Termites

Termites may be tiny, but they cause about $5 billion in damage to American homes each year.  Yes.  We said FIVE BILLION DOLLARS IN DAMAGE.  The thought that these invasive insects might be silently eating away at one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make can certainly be disturbing. Why do those wood-munching monsters eat wood, you may wonder? Is their diet restricted to wood, or can these teeny tiny termites cause other kinds of damage in and around your home? Read our latest blog and find out what you need to know about termites.


Termites In Central Virginia

When humans get hungry, we’ve been known to say “I’m starving to death” or “I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse.”  When humans are hungry, we may get a little dramatic with overstatements to express it, but ultimately, we eat.  Termites skip the drama and go straight to the eating. Although they aren’t interested in eating a horse, just all parts of your HOUSE.  There are Drywood Termites that can eat your home from the inside out and Subterranean termites that eat your house from the outside in.  Together, they cost property owners billions of dollars in damage each year.  Eastern Subterranean termites are the most popular here in Central Virginia and they won’t hesitate to make a meal out of your house if you leave it unprotected. We know a great deal about termites in Central Virginia and we’re here to tell you more about how to control them.