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Mosquito Biting Season Tips

Mosquito Bites

Nearly everyone knows the awful sensation, the quiet buzz, then the irritating little sting. It means mosquitoes have arrived, and they’ve found whatever skin you’ve left vulnerable. Many people may not know much about mosquitoes except how they wreak havoc on your backyard barbecue or even the short walk to your front door. We will explore how Virginia’s hot and humid weather equals mosquito biting season, so you can be better prepared.


It’s known that mosquitoes enjoy wet and warm climates. The southern US is favored mosquito territory, and GUESS WHAT?  That’s us. Certain weather conditions can bring mosquitoes out in force, wherever you live. They are most active in temperatures above 80 degrees. As temperatures climb higher, mosquito activity can decline. Mosquitoes will bite less when it becomes excessively hot. However, higher temperatures also make any diseases they carry more active and hence more transmissible. So when mosquitoes are around, a cool spell following very hot temperatures could be ripe for mosquito borne diseases, as highly infectious mosquitoes increase their biting activity. Just as important, relatively high nighttime lows increase mosquito activity. So if nights are warm for an extended period, the mosquitoes will be worse at other times as well.

RAIN, the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY

Mosquitoes have a high affinity for warm, standing water. Any stagnant pond or even waterlogged junk you forgot to clean up is ripe for mosquito infestation. On the other hand, where standing water already existed prior, rainfall can disrupt the eggs that have been laid and therefore inhibit later mosquito activity. But once it passes this same rainfall will increase mosquito infestations if the water tends to pool nearby. Young mosquitoes will spend about ten days in the water only, so if a pool forms you may have some time before the problem becomes serious. The bottom line is to prevent pockets of extra, stagnant moisture whenever possible, as soon as possible.

Mosquito Biting Season TipsAll a female mosquito needs is an inch of water to lay batches of 100 to 200 eggs. Once she has laid her eggs, they hatch into larvae within 24 to 48 hours.  In general, heavy rains increase the numbers of mosquitoes in the area, and we all know that Virginia has received it’s share of heavy rain lately.

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