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Holistic Pest Solutions will find a long term solution to your ant problems so we’ll eliminate the issue and do everything we can to prevent it from reoccurring.

Our ant control services are developed specifically with your family and pets in mind. Holistic Pest Control provides domestic pest control services for any kind of pest problem in the Central Virginia (Charlottesville, Augusta County, Louisa County, Fluvanna County, Greene County, Orange County.)


Q:  What Type of Pests Are Ants?

A:  Ants are the most common pest found in the United States. Like termites, ants are highly social insects where each ant has a particular duty within the nest. Because of this great focus on duty, ants can seem quite determined and are hard to control once established within or near a structure.

Q:  Are All Ants the Same?

A:  Although many ant species appear similar, each species have unique biology and behavioral traits. The identification of the ant species will establish the foundation for an effective treatment program. During our inspection process, we will make recommendations on changes in environmental factors to help maximize treatment. One of the greatest reasons for failure by other members of our industry is that they ignore the importance of these factors on treatment results. Such factors may include faulty or misdirected gutters, unraked leaves along foundation, proximity of shrubs and trees near the house, rotting siding and trim, and year after year of mulching.

Q:  I Keep My House Clean, Why Are There Ants?

A:  Ants may travel large distances in search of food. Even the cleanest of homes can provide a ready food source for ants which once found can invade in large numbers, such that professional help is required.

Q:  What will HPS do for My Ant Infestation?

A:  By performing a thorough inspection, we can construct a catered treatment program using the safest treating techniques and products. Holistic is more than a policy, it is a lifestyle.

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